(AER), the first American journal centered on Esports, is an international, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to expanding the scientific, qualitative, and quantitative knowledge of Esports. AER, a gold open access journal, publishes innovative original research, opinion, and educational information related to all aspects of Esports.  

Gold Open Access means that the final published version of your article  is permanently and freely available online for anyone, anywhere to read.

All disciplines and approaches to understanding Esports are encouraged with special interest in the health, performance,  experience and well-being of players, fans, coaches, industry practices and the teaching, management, and research of Esports.

The journal welcomes submissions from international contributors and researchers of all specialties.

Areas of interest:

  • Clinical Topics
  • Esports and Medicine
  • Esports and Health
  • Analytics/Modeling
  • Bio-Medical
  • Business, Marketing
  • Economics
  • Esports Management
  • AR/VR
  • AI
  • Education/Pedagogy and Esports
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Media
  • Cultural Studies
  • Statistics
  • Prose

Original Research
Original investigations in areas relevant to Esports. Maximum 5,000 words, 250-word abstract, 20 references; 6 tables and/or figures. Additional material may be placed in web-only appendices.

Brief Research Reports
Original reports of preliminary data and findings or studies with small numbers demonstrating the need for further investigation. Maximum 2,500 words, 250-word abstract, 10 references, 3 tables and/or figures.

Review Articles

Reviews without rigid structure that address a specific question or issue that is relevant to Esports. Review articles summarize current research relevant to the field, are evidence-based to the extent possible, and should address the importance of the subject to the field. Maximum 5,000 words.

Esports Industry Management

Short, practical articles focused on novel approaches to specific Esports challenges. Titles usually begin with the word “Managing.” These submissions – usually solicited – are written by recognized experts in the area. These experts summarize the best available evidence relating to the topic, include practical recommendations, and acknowledge what is opinion and not evidence-supported. Maximum 2,500 words unless specifically approved.

Please write to AnnalsEsports@HarrisburgU.edu  if you would like to propose a topic.


Authoritative comments or opinions on controversial matters with significant implications for Esports. Maximum 2,500 words; 3 figures/tables.

Brief Commentaries

Brief discussion about a single article’s strengths and weaknesses, controversies, and/or how it should or should not change Esports practice. Maximum 1000 words.


Original personal essays or poetry reflecting the human experience of Esports. Selection for this section will be based on originality of concept, writing skill, and appropriateness. Maximum 1,000 words.

Correspondence (Letters to the Editor)

Corrections on topics appearing in AER.   Letters discussing an AER article should be received within 8 weeks of the article’s publication. The original author(s) will be given the opportunity to reply. Letters of political or other unrelated topics, as well as those containing personal criticisms, will not be published. Maximum 500 words.

Players’ Perspective

The Players’ Perspective section provides a platform for manuscripts, essays on topics pertinent to players that have not been well-covered elsewhere. This includes informative pieces, educational research, and perspectives on current Esports topics. Maximum 750 words.

Book Reviews

Reviews of recent publications or pertinent esports related books that have not been previously reviewed. Maximum 1,500 words. Please write to AnnalsEsports@HarrisburgU.edu  if you would like to propose a book for review.

Submission Portal

Please review the Submission Process before visiting the Submission Portal (link below) and feel to contact AnnalsEsports@HarrisburgU.edu with any additional queries. The Editorial Board looks forward to reviewing your submission and thanks you for your interest in the Annals of Esports Research.